Hello World!

Welcome to my humble little world of Productivity and Leadership!

Thank you for taking the time to visit.  I’m always humble when people wants to hear what I have to say.  So I shall not disappoint!

In this first post, I would like to take the time to expound on why I titled my blog Productivity and Leadership.

Reason #1:  I’m an Accountant, thus certain acronyms are always on my mind.  None more important though than P&L.  So it kinda fit.  It’s also symbolizes my life journey from being an Accountant to a Corporate Executive.

Reason #2:  The spark for starting this blog was my desire and requests by those who know me to speak about leadership.  However, after six months of procrastination, I realized that (at least for me), leadership is only effective with productivity.  They go hand in hand.

Reason #3:  When I started to lay down a plan for this blog, I did a lot of research to psych myself up for a great 2015 (yes, I made some new year resolutions!), I was so charged up that I wanted to share what I have learned and share my journey with my readers as well.  But doing two separate blogs was going to be too much.  Thus a merger is formed.

My posts will centered around Productivity, Leadership or both, to be published every Friday.  As mentioned above, I am learning so much about productivity and leadership at work, there is much to share.

Just a peek…

Part of getting ready for this new blog was using personal challenge techniques to push for a breakthrough.  Here’s what I used last few days.

You can use any other similar tools and techniques to get you going.

Here’s to a brilliant 2015!


Michael Wong
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