Setting a Yearly KPI for Direct Reports

A few weeks ago (2nd week of January), I sat down with one of my direct reports and his team, and spoke about setting goals for the year.  I thought we had a good, albeit brief, session, with lots of interactions, clarifying questions asked, explanation given etc.  It was only later in the evening, the team lead shared with me that the team members were slightly disappointed with the session.  I was taken aback, and quickly asked why it was so.

Here’s a summary of the “feelings”:

  • why can’t the boss just tell us what to do instead of another motivational speech? Hmm… do some staff just want to be spoon fed instead of justifying their existence?

What kind of direct reports work for you?  In my experience, there are three main categories:-

1)  They have no ideas and wait to be told what to do

2) They have ideas but not necessary the right ones

3) They are self initiated to justify their pay

It is now February, how are your yearly plans going so far?  With January gone, there is enough data to start a preliminary analysis.  The key to sustaining goals is to perform frequent checks.  I will be doing it this week.  Hope to share some new learning points by end of the week.

Have a productive week ahead…

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