Writing Reports

As I review report and KPIs for the past one week, it struck me that there’s still much to be learned in terms of how to function in an organization. Take for example, writing a report.

  • Don’t write report as if you are reading it, and it is for your own consumption. Imagine the reader that read your report, if they do not have the some intimate knowledge as you on the topic, would they understand easily what you have written?
  • Making it easier to read is a good idea.
  • Aim for a quality report, check your grammars, sentence structure, tabulation errors, etc.
  • Raising the level of quality of reports and presentation is a key step to grow yourself as a good leader and manager in the eyes of your bosses.

Why is writing report an important part of maturing?  Imagine your boss who has a lot of responsibilities at hand than you would have, his time is limited, so his best avenue is to use summarized reports to know what’s going on.   Furthermore, the report will most likely be seen at least one level higher than your immediate boss.  The nature of information is that the further remove from the field, the more understanding is required to understand the information at hand.  So make it easier for your boss.  He will definitely appreciate it.

One last advice, please check your formatting and typo errors, there’s nothing more irritating than having to deal with simple errors that could have been easily fixed in a couple of minutes.  It shows your lack of attention to detail, and maybe even lack of pride in your work.

Writing reports are bread and butter of all aspiring managers.  Master it.  Be concise, be clear, and be accurate.  Most important of all, be timely (!).

Until next time…

Happy Working

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